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NeuroGen Medical is obsessed with getting world-class results with a focus in peripheral neuropathy.


Imagine for a moment...

Imagine for a minute that you have a plant and you see that your plant is wilting. What might you do to get the plant healthy again? Well maybe you might think it needs something such as water, maybe more sunshine or maybe even some nutrients like fertilizer. These are things to think about when we see a wilting plant. If adding things doesn't work well maybe the plant has bugs on it or maybe it's planted in some bad or toxic soil that might be causing it to be unhealthy.

The same principles apply to your body and your health, especially when it comes to joints and nerves. We have to give your body everything it needs in order to work properly. We are a living organism just like a plant and we have certain requirements that we need and if we don't get them then we start to have dysfunction and eventually dis-ease.

​If a plant is wilting what would you do? Well, you give it water, sunlight and nutrients...that's exactly what we're trying to do with your joints and nerves. We're trying to get new blood vessels and more blood to nourish the tissues back to health.

Our Principles



All we care about is results and successful outcomes, that is our number one priority. Results comes from our providers weeding out the cases we feel we cannot help and accepting those people who we can help, but also who are willing and able to follow our recommendations.



We create a recipe of care for each person’s particular case with all the ingredients necessary for success.  We know, just like a recipe that if we use the right ingredients in the right qualities, in right temperature oven for the right amount of time, we get a repeatable, predictable result. Stray from the recipe in any of those areas and we don’t get what we want. The recipe by itself, however, is ineffective without a patient who is not willing or able to follow their recipe. One of the main ingredients is TIME. While we do get results fairly quickly as far as symptoms are concerned, the actual healing time is usually longer. This is not a get fixed quick thing so patients who we feel we can help must be willing to give their body TIME to heal.



All the tools and technologies we utilize in our care plan recipes are backed by lots of research. Our providers have taken the time to do all the research necessary to find the best approaches to creating our care plan recipes. We’ve put in the time so you don’t have to continue to try to guess at what might help. This allows us to get you the best and fastest results. See our 1st Principle.



Our team is always continuing to study, research, learn and implement the tools and technologies that help us help our patients. Things can change rapidly in healthcare and we stay up to date on the advances that can help us help more people like you. Just like your cell phone has evolved over the years, our protocols continue to evolve to make sure we’re delivering results for those whom we feel we can help.



We hate surprises! We value an open and transparent relationship with our current and prospective patients. If we can help, we’ll tell you. If we can’t help, we’ll tell you that too and try to direct you to a more appropriate facility. Sometimes people get to us too late and nothing can be done by us or anyone else and those are difficult conversations to have. Difficult conversations prevent difficult situations so we will always shoot it to you straight and let you know details up front so there are no surprises.


Dr. William Lewis

Dr. Lewis has successfully cared for patients suffering from musculo-skeletal issues for over 25 years.

Dr. Lewis has authored a book on neuropathy treatment and reversal and is currently writing a book on joint degeneration and natural treatments to help improve feeling, range of motion and function!Order your copy here!


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