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No medications. No injections.

The safe and easy way.

 - Knee Pain?

 - Back Pain

 - Numbness?

 - Tingling?

 - Burning?

 - Cold Feet/Legs?

 - Balance Problems?

How Do We Diagnose &Treat Joint/Nerve Damage?


Our Exam is quick and painless but gives us a very precise amount of damage...down to a 10th of a percent! Once we know how much damage you have, we will know if you are a candidate for our comprehensive treatment protocol. Too far to drive? We even have a convenient at-home program so we can evaluate and you can treat your neuropathy without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Does Insurance Cover Treatments?


Medicare and almost all other insurance companies cover our treatments. If, after reviewing the results of your exam, we determine that we can accept your case, we will develop a treatment plan and contact your insurance to verify coverage benefits.  During our follow up visit, we will review your exam findings and answer the four questions everyone wants to know: What's wrong, can we help, how long will it take and how much does it cost (if not all covered by insurance. 

From Barely Walking to Dancing in Just 1 Week!
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