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Neuropathy Severity Exam

In order to determine if someone is a candidate for our program, we perform a 20 point neuropathy severity examination.

The tests are painless and precise and give us an exact percentage of nerve damage down to the tenth of a percent!  Many people tell us this is the most thorough examination of their problem that they have ever had!

Peripheral neuropathy affects the sensory nerves of the upper and lower extremities and damages the ability to feel textures and temperatures.  Eventually this can lead to the brain triggering a pain response.  

Often times, people suffering with neuropathy have a test performed called an EMG that involves placing needles along the path of their nerves where they are having problems and an electrical current is induced to determine where the nerve damage exists.  This test, which can often be painful, tests the motor nerves of the body (the nerves that control your muscles) and while it can determine if there is a problem, it is not as precise and does not test the sensory nerves that are the nerves that are affected in the most common forms of peripheral neuropathy.


Even if you have had other tests or procedures performed and been told that nothing can be done or your situation is permanent and you'll just have to live with it, we urge you to contact us for a painless Neuropathy Severity Evaluation and let us see if our comprehensive program can get you results when others have not. 

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