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We accept all insurances including Medicare.  Some insurances cover more than others. 


When you arrive for your appointment, we will collect your insurance information and if our extensive, yet painless, nerve damage severity evaluation qualifies you as a candidate for our simple, yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, 3 step treatment program, we will contact your insurance company to verify eligibility and benefits. 


When you meet with the doctor to go over your results, he will review the findings from your exam (how much nerve damage or dysfunction you have and how much remaining function is in your nerves/joints) and your care plan with you. Our case manager, Christine, will cover with you how your insurance will participate in your recovery. 


If there should be any out of pocket expense, we will provide you with options. 


We have financial solutions, should you need them, as long as we determine you are a good candidate and we can help.

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